Behind the Movement

The beind the scenes, artistic thoughts from the CEO of Love My

Beautiful LLC., Patrice R. Valentine

Today I woke up with a clear mind ready for inspiration to creep into my fingertips. Colors was what made me happy so I went with them! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed blending them

Feeling creatively stifled…

I’m so much more on top of my game if I’m not running my creativity by any narrow minds or concrete thinkers right now. It’s hard to get in that mojo when things around you are hectic. Seems like that’s actually when I should shrink into that childhood passion and indulge myself in my ideas, thoughts and hands… I fear I’ll neglect important things so I stay caged and it’s bothering me. I don’t even have an appetite for 1/2 the crap that’s on my plate and the chef WILL be serving up seconds. Out of my element, losing grip.

Totally in 💞 with our Instagram followers! Especially @yungfabdd for this #tbh commentary

Today’s challenge

So I have a problem between creative control and doing exactly what a client asks… Like don’t micro manage me. But I need to be able to take strict direction :/ help

Anonymous asked: Why haven't you update your personal style blog in 4 months? I know that you had a baby so you are busy but just a short blog post would be nice :'(


I’m getting on that soon! Promise!

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